Terms of Use

Mastersjustice is a site for the fetish between money masters and money slaves.

Masters are allowed to behave however they want here. Slaves should be aware of their role and behave accordingly.

Everything you like and what is fun is allowed here, but of course there are limits.

All criminal acts are prohibited, such as public denunciation, insulting and threatening other people, public calls for computer hacking, access for minors and harassment of other members.

This site offers enough setting options for your own privacy. Please use these functions. You can decide for yourself who can see your posts/media and who cannot.

Never publish PIN codes, passwords, telephone numbers, addresses or other personal data in public spaces!

If you are harassed by troublemakers or beggars, block or ban that member. This allows most conflicts to be avoided. Please refrain from political or religious postings that could offend other members.

We will delete posts/media that we feel do not belong on this site without notice. Please respect the copyright of the owner of all media. Never publish third-party media without the consent of the owner. Mastersjustice is not liable for copyright infringements by individual members.

Mastersjustice is not responsible for agreements, contracts or payments between individual members. Every member should be aware that there are a lot of fake users and liars on the Internet and that you shouldn't believe everything others say or write. We cannot verify the actual existence of a person or the authenticity of an image.

Last but not least, we don't like to see our members advertising similar fetish sites. Please don't do that here!

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